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MicroComm DXI and MicroComm DXL

MicroComm DXI and DXL digital intercom systems are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of correctional, industrial, and high security applications. Proven performance and reliability in a large number of facilities throughout North America makes MicroComm the number one choice of design professionals, system contractors, and facility owners.

MicroComm digital technology provides a high level of performance and a large feature set at a competitive price. A flexible, distributed architecture reduces wiring and minimizes the cost of installation. MicroComm systems are ideally suited for adding functionality and flexibility when retrofitting relay switched intercom systems.

Clear, crisp and intelligible communications are coupled with functions such as audio level alarm detection and discrete audio monitoring to provide a powerful communications system. A software-based configuration ensures that a MicroComm system is flexible enough to meet future operational needs.

Rugged construction, fault tolerant design, and comprehensive diagnostics make a MicroComm system easy to install and maintain. Modular construction simplifies the coordination of phased construction and facility renovations.

MicroComm DXI/DXL Terms and Conditions of Sale